supplemental solar system.

Buyers of allotments within the development would have to declare a sympathetic view towards aviation.

Encumbrances apply to all lots to ensure a quality development, e.g. Colourbond to all fences and hangers, minimum Home size, tidy perimeters, etc.

The airport and common areas will continue to be available to all users.

Contracts for expression of interest are available now, see “Contacts” for more details.

Typical Lot

A depiction of a typical block showing a hangar, house, water tanks and septic system.

Allotment Details

There is no water supply to the airpark, all lots are to establish their own water tanks on hangers and homes and be self sufficient. Fire hydrants would be established and supplied from existing airport water storage.

All lots should have an approved enviro type septic/recycle or soakage system where appropriate. Power will be available to all lots, however owners will be encouraged to use a