Development Details

Airpark Goolwa consists of residential allotments. All lots are individually owned and the lot owners share the community ownership of the community areas, including the roads, some taxiways, parks and all associated common land. The owners acting through the Owners Community Corporation Inc. with the powers conferred by the Community Titles Act 1996 SA, would carry out the management of the residential airpark.

The ownership of the airport infrastructure such as the Flight Office, fuel, maintenance sheds, runways and most taxiways, remains with Goolwa Airport. This allows for consistent and well organised management of Goolwa Airport.

All lots in Airpark Goolwa are subject to by-laws that set forth rights and responsibilities of ownership as well as impose reasonable restrictions on buildings, landscaping etc. The Owners Corporation will carry out administration of these by-laws.

Maintenance and up-keep of the common areas are financed by owners paying  quarterly dues decided by the Owners Corporation. Maintenance and up-keep of the airport will also be financed by paying quarterly dues decided by Goolwa Airport, but this will be offset by fuel sales, rent, landing fees for non-local aircraft, etc.

All owners are able to build a house and hangar on their block of land with taxiway and runway access from the rear of their property, but minimum building sizes and other encumbrances would apply to protect other owners investments.

All types of aircraft, as long as they do not impose on other owners, will be welcomed at Airpark Goolwa. From ultralights to war-birds, helicopters to jets, you will be assured of friendly help from enthusiastic residents with all kinds of qualifications.


     •     All owners have an equal share in the community, and all neighbours share a common interest in forming a unique community.

     •     It is a normal residential block (albeit a large one!) close to shops, schools, cafe’s and the beach.

     •     Members own their land and buildings rather than leasing them.

     •     Convenience when wanting to fly creates more quality time, as there is no need to load everything in the car (and possibly forget something) or to drive to the airport (the most dangerous part of flying!)

     •     Maintenance is convenient, aircraft supplies can be kept in owner’s hangars and they can even spend five minutes here and there ‘loving’ their aircraft.