Master Plan

The Master Plan has a total of 58 residential lots in a Community Title ranging from approximately 2000 sqm. to 3400 sqm. arranged around the runways . A perimeter road services the blocks with areas of park land and native vegetation dispersed around the edges. The north area along Airport Road is reserved for commercial activity and the north east corner is reserved for private hangars only.

Community Titles in South Australia

Community Titles are designed to fill the gap between conventional land division and Strata Titles in a way to give a developer greater versatility to create and register any form of development that can be approved under the States planning laws.

It may, in specially planned communities, change the living style for many South Australians. Other States are experiencing a burgeoning public awareness of the potential impact of community titles on the way in which people can live, work, play and relax.

A community scheme may also be based on an agricultural, horticultural, aqua-cultural, industrial, commercial theme etc. The possibilities are endless.